L!G to Host Seminar in Nuremberg

Green Amos Karp

Top executives from Activision, Beanstalk’s Tinderbox division and Lima Sky will discuss new trends in entertainment licensing at a seminar tomorrow at Nuremberg Toy Fair, hosted by License! Global.

While TV and film remain strong breeding grounds for licensing, new media trends are beginning to emerge to create huge licensing programs from video games, web-based IP and a combination of web- and TV-based properties.

Through a series of case studies based on some of the hottest digital properties on the marketplace, including Skylanders, Doodle Jump, MovieStarPlanet and My Singing Monsters, the seminar will look at new trends that are shaping the licensing marketplace.

License! Global’s publisher Steven Ekstract will host the seminar and will feature Andrea Green, director of international licensing and partnerships at Activision, which launched the interactive toy/video game trend with its Skylanders property; Daniel Amos, director of brand development at licensing agency Beanstalk’s new digital division, Tinderbox; and Eric Karp, chief licensing officer at Lima Sky, which has been successfully licensing its hit game app “Doodle Jump” for several years now.

The “New Trends in Entertainment Licensing” seminar is free for all attendees of Nuremberg Toy Fair and will take place tomorrow Jan. 30 at 4 p.m. in the Toy Business Forum, Hall 3A.