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Kids Industries Teams with European Agencies to form The League

Kids Industries, the full-service creative agency dedicated to the world of kids and families, has joined forces with like-minded agencies across France, Spain and Germany to form European network The League.

The League's goal, the new European network of creative insights agencies, is to provide global solutions in research and surveys, social media, brand strategy and design to brands and NGOs worldwide.

"The League means we can exchange insights and opinions across borders to the benefit of all five agencies and share that insight with clients in FMCG, gaming, entertainment, not for profit and travel," says Gary Pope, co-founder, chief executive officer, Kids Industries. "But more importantly, it means we can harness our collective agency power to activate European-wide brand campaigns for clients and call on recommend trusted local partners with whom we share a core vision and values when our clients want to expand into new markets. This move is part of our ambitious growth plan for KI in 2021 and beyond."

Consisting of Kids Industries (U.K.), Com des Enfants (France), KB&B (Germany), and The Modern Kids & Family (Spain), The League's launch comes with the release of its first collaborative insight piece – a survey of 771 parents across the U.K. and FIGS – which offers a look into family life in Europe.

Insights from the report surround how families are spending time together across Europe, with German and French families spending the majority of time together over dinner (86 percent and 63 percent respectively) with British families opting for TV time (81 percent) and, in Spain and Italy, family outings are the family activity of choice (79 percent and 65 percent respectively).

In terms of parental priorities, The League highlights that Germany is the most eco-conscious when it comes to children's products, while Spain (62 percent), Italy (49 percent), France (43 percent) and the U.K. (43 percent) place educational value as the priority when choosing kids products.

The report also notes on the most significant influences when it comes to kids at retail, with respondents in Spain (34 percent), France (32 percent) and the U.K. (28 percent) believing parents are the most influential factor in purchase choices, while parents in Germany (33 percent) and Italy (26 percent) think a children's friends are a major deciding factor. 

Children in Germany (86 percent) have the most significant say when buying toys, clothes, and stationery, often when choosing products linked to characters and stories they have seen in books, TV and films. 

The League has published its findings in full in full here, covering kids' behavior across Europe.

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