Kathy Ireland Small Business Network to Offer Global Wealth Management

Clients have some new resources from UBS.

Kathy Ireland Worldwide has announced that its Small Business Network clients will now receive access to UBS Global Wealth Management’s array of services.

Kathy Ireland Small Business Network clients will be working with UBS financial advisors experienced in the needs of small businesses, supported by UBS’s Business Owners segment team. This includes cash management, financial education programs for owners and employees, risk management, business lending and expense control.  
“As a world-leader in wealth management, we felt that UBS’ suite of services enable entrepreneurs at every level, from small family-owned businesses to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, to continue to adapt and innovate in these unusual times,” says Kathy Ireland. “Equally important to us is the tremendous focus UBS has on philanthropy and financial literacy. We are incredibly inspired by UBS and their best-in-class, financial products and services, and it is a privilege that we are able to suggest these services to our clients.”

The Kathy Ireland Small Business Network was formed specifically to help owners of small businesses strategize and implement individual marketing plans, seek growth potential, and give back to colleagues and communities.

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