IDW Plans 'Geek Culture' Content

The new division will aim to create digital content for the “geek culture” community.

NORTH AMERICA–IDW Entertainment has launched IDW Digital Studio, a new content development, production, distribution and engagement initiative.

The new division will create, manage and deliver original, on-demand entertainment content for the “geek culture” audience, with a primary focus on building franchises.

In addition to leveraging IDW’s extensive library, which includes “Locke & Key,” “Dirk Gently,” “Zombies vs Robots,” “V-Wars” and well as new projects in development, IDW Digital Studio’s offerings will include episodic video, animation, short-form social content, digital comics, interactive content, mobile games, features, live events and daily fan-centric content.

The Digital Studio will also focus on long-term digital network arrangements, allowing for distribution across traditional digital platforms and emerging digital networks.

“People are consuming media differently and have very diverse expectations for their entertainment experiences than they did just a few years ago,” says David Ozer, president, IDW Entertainment. “With IDW Digital Studios, we believe we can deliver an entertainment experience that speaks to today’s sophisticated audiences, introducing truly fresh and creative concepts via the digital marketplace, including social media, mobile gaming, channels and more.”

IDW Entertainment is a content development company spanning television, publishing and more. The company is currently divided into several division, including IDW Entertainment, IDW Publishing, IDW Games and IDW Limited. Most recently, the company has secured details to publish comics based on Star Wars, “Star Trek,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “The Powerpuff Girls” and more.

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