Hot Topic Plans Lingerie Brand

Hot Topic has announced plans for a new lingerie brand and retail concept called Blackheart.

The Blackheart concept will include lingerie, accessories and beauty products, set to be released online Nov. 15 with five stores opening in malls in Southern California and Texas by mid-month.

The line will be initially released as a concept collection of dark, edgy lingerie to test the response of the existing Hot Topic customer base before further expansion.

"The Blackheart lingerie concept is a test that allows us to leverage the Hot Topic customer and offer her product categories that will not cannibalize the core Hot Topic brand,” says Lisa Harper, chairman of the board and chief executive officer, Hot Topic. “We have a great opportunity to aggressively cross-promote Blackheart to our 5 million active database customers, nearly 5 million Facebook fans and in our 620 Hot Topic stores."

For the third quarter, ending June 30, Hot Topic reported a 0.2 percent increase in comparable sales with particular growth seen in fashion apparel and tees.