Terminex Teams for Travel Line


Pest control provider Terminex has teamed up with home goods manufacturer London Luxury to develop a line of products designed to protect consumers against pests.

The initial line will include bedding and travel products to shield consumers and their possessions from insects such as bedbugs and fleas.

"We are delighted to partner with Terminix, the most trusted name in pest control, to bring to market innovative products and programs that will help protect people and their personal belongings from bedbugs and other insects," says Marc Jason, chief executive officer, London Luxury.

All products will come with a complimentary in-home inspection and evaluation from Terminix as well as tips on how to avoid an insect infestation and a lifetime guarantee.

"From in-home services to do-it-yourself products, Terminix is proud to be a company that can offer consumers comprehensive pest control solutions," says Larry Pruitt, president, Terminix. "This alliance with London Luxury gives us yet another compelling way to leverage our expertise while further engaging with, and growing, our customer base."