Henzo Set to Bring Intrinsic to Europe

Australian inspirational stationery company Intrinsic Enterprises will expand its international trade by signing a European licensing agreement with Henzo International Group B.V. The partnership will make Intrinsic stationery available across Europe, with the initial launch starting in the Benelux, an economic union that includes Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. A wider rollout will follow to countries including France, Germany, Greece, Russia, and the UK.

Netherlands-based Henzo, a specialist manufacturer of photo storage resources and luxury office items, plans to launch its inaugural Intrinsic stationery range in the second half of this year, with a spring and autumn release in 2009, along with plans for a back-to-school offering. The Intrinsic collection from Henzo will include 12 to 15 social stationery items such as photo albums and frames, notebooks, blank books, address books, ring binders, desk box diaries, keepsake boxes, and guest books. Henzo’s current licenses include Disney, Rachael Hale, and National Geographic.