Rocket to Rep Models Own

Rocket Licensing has been appointed to represent the U.K. fashion accessory and cosmetics brand Models Own, known for its nail polishes.

“Together with Rocket we are developing the strengths of an exciting brand with a genuine point of difference,” says Mark Rodol, chief executive officer, Models Own. “We can safely say our customers will be thrilled to see their favorite brand on the new and very cool products we are working on.”

With more than 200 nail polish, the Models Own brand is about color, and Rocket will focus on that core attribute to expand the brand into new categories including phone covers, sunglasses, stationery, electrical hair care and apparel.

“Innovation and affordable cool are what drive this brand and what its fans love about it,” says Charlie Donaldson, joint managing director, Rocket. “It’s no surprise that Models Own has such a dedicated following. As growth accelerates this is the perfect time to expand the reach of this incredibly popular brand.”