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Kathy Ireland’s Level Brands Deals for Cosmetic Accessories

NORTH AMERICA–Level Brands, a licensing company supported by Kathy Ireland Worldwide, has secured a five-year licensing agreement with Dynasty Group USA to create a variety of grooming accessories under the Ireland Men One, Beauty & Pin-Ups and David Tutera brands.

For Ireland Men One (I’M1), Level Brands’ men’s lifestyle brand, Dynasty will create a line of men’s grooming brushes for facial hair and shaving kits.

Meanwhile, for Beauty & Pin Ups, Level Brands’ hair care and women’s products brand, the company will develop and distribute a score of cosmetic and makeup items.

Finally, the David Tutera brand, which is managed by Level Brands’ Encore Endeavor One, will be highlighted across women’s makeup brushes and men’s grooming brushes for facial hair and shaving kits. The deal also marks Tutera’s first foray into the men’s accessories category.

“We feel that this new association will quickly inspire enthusiasm among Millennial men and the women who love them,” says Tommy Meharey, co-founder, I’M1. “The new I’M1 grooming products and shave kits are designed to make every man achieve his own unique and great style, while also being kind and gentle on the skin.”

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