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Harrods Revamps Toy Department

U.K. department store Harrods has opened the doors of its new gender-neutral toy department, Toy Kingdom.

Instead of segregating products into sections for boys and girls, Toy Kingdom features toys in non-gender-specific departments called Dreamscapes.

David Miller, director of Harrods Home, told The Telegraph that the goal of the redesign was to change the way toys are bought and sold.

Gender-neutral toy displays are becoming more common as parents buck against the so-called “Princess Culture” and perceived stereotyping in children’s products.

Toy Kingdom’s departments include:

  • The Big Top: With a circus theme, this department houses dress costumes, doll houses, rocking horses and soft toys.
  • The Candy Store
  • The Enchanted Forest: featuring arts and crafts as well as the latest collections from Sylvanian Families and Flutter Fairies.
  • Wonderland: Modeled after the Grand Canyon and presided over by a giant dragon, this department features toys such as train sets, remote-controlled devices and Scalextric.
  • The Odyssey: Space-themed with a gigantic space rocket crashing through the floor, the Area 51-inspired space features a gadget zone and limited edition toys.
  • The Reading Room: with book roundtables and electronic gaming pods.