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WildBrain CPLG Secures ‘Star Trek’ Royal Mail Deal

The out-of-this-world ‘Star Trek’ stamps are available now from the Royal Mail and ViacomCBS Consumer Products.

WildBrain CPLG has secured a deal with the Royal Mail for a stamp collection based on ViacomCBS Consumer Products’ “Star Trek” brand. 

The 12 main character stamps are new illustrations by London-based artist, Freya Betts; the images portray the characters alongside reflective details, including starships, in the background of their respective series. 

Stamps depict the captains from each “Trek” series, plus additional crew members. The collection features highlighted characters such as:

  • Captain James T Kirk;
  • Spock;
  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard;
  • Deanna Troi;
  • Captain Benjamin Sisko;
  • Julian Bashir;
  • Captain Kathryn Janeway;
  • Captain Jonathan Archer;
  • Malcolm Reed;
  • Captain Gabriel Lorca;
  • Michael Burnham; and
  • Ash Tyler/Voq.

A further six stamps, presented in a miniature sheet, feature characters from across the movies of the “Star Trek” franchise. Each of the six stamps also highlight British actors portrayed in “Star Trek” such as:

  • Montgomery Scott;
  • Shinzon;
  • Tolian Soran;
  • Klingon Chancellor Gorkon;
  • Carol Marcus; and
  • Krall.

The full set of 18 stamps, available in a Presentation Pack, retails at £14.80 TBC. Stamps and a range of collectible products are available from The Royal Mail.

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