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P&G Brands Donate More Than $15M in Money, Product to COVID-19 Relief

P&G brands have donated masks, money and more for COVID-19 relief.

Procter & Gamble’s Gillette division is contributing to COVID-19 relief efforts, according to a report by

The company has given thousands of N95 respirator face masks from its inventory to hospitals. The brand also has donated thousands of razors to first responders and health care workers around the world who have been advised to shave in order for the masks to fit properly.

Gillette’s contribution is in addition to the more than $15 million in direct financial support and products to organizations around the world.

“Brands often talk about finding their purpose, but today our purpose has never been clearer,” Gary Coombe, chief executive officer, Procter & Gamble’s Gillette division, wrote in a social media post. “We need to serve the heroes who are fighting on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19. Many workers who wear these protective masks are choosing to shave – or are required to do so – to get the best possible fit. We were also fortunate to have some existing inventory of N95 respirator masks on site at our Gillette headquarters in Boston for our manufacturing work and quickly assessed what we could provide. We donated 55,000 of these masks to hospitals in Massachusetts to help protect health care workers and first responders as these courageous men and women serve on the front lines of this health crisis. We also supplied thousands of razors along with these masks, in keeping with the CDC recommendation to be clean shaven for a proper mask fit.”

Two of the Gillette manufacturing plants have started producing Safeguard hand sanitizer to donate to health organizations and hospitals, as well as keeping P&G employees as safe as possible.

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