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Crunchyroll’s Take on the New Normal

As the world continues to adjust to social distancing, Crunchyroll shares how it is successfully navigating this new normal.

All over the world, people are adjusting to a new way of life. From work to school and more, everyone has had to make some changes and make the state of the world work for them. Crunchyroll, too, has made some day-to-day changes that have benefitted its team as a whole.

We’re making the most of the new world order here at Crunchyroll,” says John Leonhardt, head, consumer products, Crunchyroll. For us, communication is key, and our CPG team holds our daily syncs over video conference. Our syncs are occasionally spiced up by kids, construction sounds, dogs and cats! Staying in communication with each other and our partners remains a priority for us. As the market shifts around us, we’re grateful for the opportunity to stay focused, nimble and deliver the quality our licensors and licensees have come to expect.

Along with digital communication among colleagues and customers, Crunchyroll has introduced virtual events for its colleagues including daily yoga, lunch hangout sessions, Friday game nights and happy hours for both domestic and international employees. The goal, according to Leonhardt, is to keep the Crunchyroll community as connected as possible during these unique times. It is using anime content as inspiration.

“The increased time at home means we’ve also spent a lot of time being inspired by some of our anime favorite series,” says Leonhardt. “Food Wars! The Fifth Plate has inspired us to try our hand at cooking new things… to varied results. Black Clover has inspired us to never give up and to search for the magical moments, even when life feels like anything but. ‘Tower of God has inspired us to team up with our friends and family as we figure out the way ahead. Bananya has inspired us to both make banana bread (again to varying levels of success) and to share our pets on video calls (honestly, no one minds a furry visitor). Dr. STONE inspired us to handle these sudden changes with resilience and ingenuity. The Rising of the Shield Hero inspired us to keep our team close and to lean on others when we need support. Haikyu!! has inspired us to take a team yoga class over video chat and to find moments through the week to get active.”

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