Glamorous Women and Prize-Winning Pooches

Trish Biddle, creator of "Glamorous Women in Fabulous Places," has teamed up with Creative Properties. The agency will be licensing Biddle's art deco-inspired images that combine fashion, elegance and sophistication.

"We all liked her work and liked that she had been the official artist of the 2008 Kentucky Derby and the 2008 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show," says Steven Scebelo, senior vice president of business development for Creative Properties. "She was the best-selling artist for the Derby, even though it was one of her first forays into events." Her work was featured on the official Derby poster, as well as on a wide array of products.

Biddle also was successful as the official artist at Westminster. "She appeared at Saks Fifth Avenue's flagship store to sign posters along with the beagle who won," says Scebelo. While Biddle signed posters, the winning beagle added a paw print to the posters.

The artist got primetime television coverage when she painted live during the highly viewed second night of the show when the winning dog is announced. "She had finished 90 percent of a painting in advance and completed it live by adding the winning dog," says Scebelo. "The fact that she can do these live paintings is a unique opportunity and will bode well for her when working on projects in the future."

Creative Properties is looking at developing a live appearance on a television shopping channel and a tie-in line of merchandise. The licensing agency also is very focused on securing other events for official artist designations. On the licensing front, the agency initially will focus on such product categories as gifts and collectibles, social expressions, stationery, home goods, puzzles and fashion accessories.

A line of figurines or character dolls also is on the agenda. "This is something she absolutely wants to do, and it makes perfect sense. When you look at her paintings, you can envision a three-dimensional version of the art," says Scebelo. "Trish's trademark tagline is 'Glamorous Women in Fabulous Places.' The glamorous women are aspirational. Women want to be transported to these locations and do these fabulous things—especially in this economic climate. They might not be able to afford to go shopping in Paris or go to the Kentucky Derby, but they can enjoy these characters though Trish's art and envision themselves in these settings."

Biddle already has demonstrated strong consumer appeal at retailers including Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Michaels, T.J. Maxx and Walmart. Wine bottles, latch boxes, tapestries, posters and tile murals bearing her images are currently available. Her rapidly expanding brand is definitely building momentum. "We expect big things from her because her art is really beautiful," says Scebelo.