Rubik’s Reveals 40th Anniversary Plans

In 2020, the Rubik’s brand will celebrate its 40th anniversary and will be supported by a series of events, products and partnerships.

Anniversary plans include:

  • the launch of a new invention and twisty puzzle created by Ernő Rubik;
  • a multimillion-dollar global TV campaign;
  • new licensing activations with major brands, publishers, apparel chains and retailers globally;
  • a 20-month public relations campaign;
  • new global brand identity and packaging redesign to strengthen engagement with millennials and Gen Z;
  • new brand collaborations and
  • global influencer/endorsements and ambassador programs that will include Hollywood celebrities, sports stars, music icons and speedcubers, complemented by a multichannel social media strategy.

“When I first met Ernő Rubik, I was absolutely in awe,” says Nicolas Loufrani, chief executive officer, Smiley. “His story is incredible. He is the only persons from the former communist bloc to have become a global household brand name. It is the only retro game to still be a massive hit with new generations of kids and teens. His creation is above all a work of art, a symbol of pop culture, and this is what made me want to bring the talents of the Smiley studio to leverage this fabulous legacy and work on a brand extension strategy.”

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