Funny Face Co-Brands Cranberries

The characters of the retro Funny Face brand will be making an appearance on a new line of cranberry snacks from Decas Cranberry Products.

Originally a powdered-drink brand from Pillsbury in the ’60s and ’70s (designed as a competitor to Kool-Aid), the Funny Face brand was revived in 2008 with an animated series from Renegade Animation.

Now four of the Funny Face characters will champion the dried cranberry snacks for children, each representing a unique flavor: Goofy Grape, Rootin’ Tootin’ Raspberry, Freckle Face Strawberry and Choo Choo Cherry.

Decas will support the product line with online videos, coloring books, recipes, games and crafting projects on a co-branded Decas-Funny Face website.

“The health benefits of cranberries are well known to the moms and dads of the world but kids don’t pay a whole lot of attention to that,” says Chuck Dillon, chief executive officer, Decas. “They want food that tastes great, looks good, and if it can be fun, too, well, that’s where the Funny Face characters complete the picture.”

The Funny Face cranberry snack line is currently being rolled out at grocery chains across the U.S.

The partnership with Decas is the most recent in a series of deals for the classic brand that also includes the broadcast of the Funny Face cartoons on the new McDonald's M Channel, currently being broadcast in more than 700 locations nationwide.

BroadStreet, the brand’s global licensing agent for food-related programs, is also in the midst of negotiations for several products in the U.K.