Fresh Twists on Retro Styles

From kitschy computer graphics to fine, hand-drawn pieces, Caleb Gray creates nostalgic illustration styles for a contemporary market. Gray produces a wide range of looks, incorporating a trend-right palette and festive imagery, making them a versatile pairing for the gift, accessory and home décor markets.

Gray combines fine art training with years of experience working as a graphic designer. "What enhances the process for me is staying on top of trends and then adapting them to my distinct styles," says Gray.

Art by Caleb Gray can be seen in the U.S. and other countries on products such as stationery and scrapbooking items, holiday tins and children's wall décor. Two new collections of work that will be showcased this year at Surtex are Hipster Hop and Neo Vintage. The bold, bright scenes of Hipster Hop illustrate retro-styled characters with a sense of humor. In contrast, the delicately drawn Neo Vintage series offers detailed works in limited colors. Both collections offer versatile themes from everyday art to juvenile and holiday selections.

Samples of his work can be seen at