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Top Brands Sign Candy Deals


Confectionary company IT'Sugar is planning a series of new lines that will bring Guinness World Records, Marilyn Monroe, The Smurfs and Seventeen magazine to a range of candy and novelty items.

The company is planning a line of gummies based on records from Guinness World Records such as the longest tongue, the farthest eye pop, the longest fingernails, the longest time holding a tarantula in mouth and the longest moustache.

For Marilyn Monroe, IT’Sugar is planning a line of candy inspired by the star that will feature chocolate bars and gummies as well as tote bags, mugs, wallets and shot glasses.

In partnership with Sony Pictures, IT’Sugar is planning a full line of chocolate bars in support of The Smurfs 2, which will feature images of Smurfs characters.

Finally, the company has paired up with Seventeen magazine to create the ultimate line of candy for teenage girls including BFF chocolate bars, Prince Charming gummies and IT Doesn’t Suck lollipops.

"My mission is to bring the most exciting and imaginative pop culture brands into the candy arena," says Jeff Rubin, chief executive officer and founder, IT'Sugar. "We’re off to a great start, excited about our new partnerships and eager to announce more."