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TalentX Entertainment Debuts Energy Drink

Ani Energy Drink brings together brands and influencers for a new beverage line.

TalentX Entertainment has teamed with a group of brands and influencers to launch a new energy drink label.

TalentX Entertainment’s Josh Richards, Warren Lentz, Michael Senzer, Michael Gruen and Bryce Hall are partnering with Evan Burns, founder of Odyssey and The Finnish Long Drink, and Daniel Fine, founder and chief executive officer, NEU Brands and Solve Together, to create Ani Energy Drink. The new drink is designed to boost energy and sharpen focus. 

“Josh Richards is redefining what it means to be a Gen-Z digital creator,” says Warren Lentz, chief executive officer, TalentX Entertainment. “This is not a typical white label model; this is a brand new company. Josh and the team developed the formula from scratch with the intention of offering Gen-Z a lifestyle energy drink that resonates with them – a true alternative to Diet Coke or Red Bull. He's showing creators everywhere what it looks like to be a real entrepreneur and leverage the community and trust they have developed with their fans.”

Inspiration for the energy drink line came from the long hours and demanding schedule that comes from being social media stars and entrepreneurs. Realizing the need for a different type of energy drink, Richards and the team at TalentX put their heads together with Burns to create a product designed to fill a void in the beverage market. 

 "Josh and his friends drink a ton of energy drinks and wanted a great tasting drink that didn't cause a spike and crash that many of the high caffeine-level, huge gas station brands do,” says Burns. “So we worked for a while to find something that we and our friends love and decided to launch it to the public!"

Ani Energy Drink goes on pre-sale soon will be available this September. 

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