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Strawberry Shortcake Gets Ice Cream


American Greetings Properties has partnered with Meals de Colombia in Colombia, for Strawberry Shortcake-themed ice cream under its Crem Helado brand. The deal was secured by Exim Licensing Group, AGP’s international licensing agent for Colombia.

The promotion, which will run from Aug. 1 through October, features a special strawberry-flavored ice cream that will include a Strawberry Shortcake (known as Fresita in the region) premium item.

“We are excited to partner with Meals de Colombia to unite the beloved Strawberry Shortcake property with delicious Crem Helado ice cream,” says Carla Silva, vice president of global licensing, AGP. “Strawberry Shortcake is an internationally recognized icon, and we are happy to bring additional joy to ice cream lovers with this fun promotion.”