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The Point.1888 Triples Barrat Brand

Eight new lollies are headed to Iceland stores.

Valeo Confectionery's Barratt brand is tripling the number of SKUs in its range of ice cream lollies exclusive to Iceland stores. 

"We're thrilled to be extending our range with Barratt and it's been fantastic to see how the brand has resonated with our customers," says Sally Bentley, senior buyer, Iceland.

Eight brand new ice lollies will join the four existing lollies in Iceland stores on April 12. The licensed collaboration was arranged by Barratt's brand licensing agent, The Point.1888.

"After our ice cream range sold six times faster than expected in 2020, investing in additional products was a no-brainer," says Russell Tanner, marketing and category director, Iceland. "The Barratt ice cream range is a simple way to bring a little bit of excitement to the supermarket shop and is aligned perfectly with our fun and fizzy brand experience. Working with Iceland, it was really important to both parties that the new products delivered on quality and experience to satisfy discerning Iceland shoppers and Barratt fans. The runaway success has shown us just how well-loved the Barratt brand is and opened up doors for the brand in terms of exploring licensing opportunities across new food categories."

In addition to the Flumps, Black Jack, Fruit Salad and Dip Dab flavored ice lollies, this year's product range will also include:

- Foam Banana, a banana flavored and shaped ice cream lolly;

- Wham;

- Cola Bottle, a cola-flavored, bottle-shaped ice lolly;

- Milk Bottle, a milk flavored, bottle-shaped ice cream lolly;

- Strawberry Milkshake, a strawberry version of the Milk Bottle;

- Nougat;

- Anglo Bubbly, a circular, bubblegum flavored ice cream lolly; and

- Sherbet Fountain, a fizzy treat on a licorice stick.

"As the success of the launch last summer proved, we struck gold with our ice cream range of Barratt's best-loved brands," says Bethan Garton, commercial director, The Point.1888. "With the time and attention invested in the product development and flavor profile matching, we're thrilled the range will once again be hitting the shops, bigger and better than before."

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