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Pizza Hut, Arcade1up Reveal ‘Pac-Man’ AR Pizza Box

A pizza-themed “Pac-Man” cabinet giveaway is part of the promotion.

Pizza Hut has announced a promotion with Arcade1up featuring a new “Pac-Man” augmented reality game.

"There aren't many brands with more iconic elements than us, whether it's the red cups, checkered tablecloths, connection to pop culture and entertainment – like Pac-Man – or our iconic Pan Pizza," says George Felix, chief marketing officer, Pizza Hut. "As we look to connect with a new generation of pizza lovers, we are tapping into those things that make Pizza Hut great in a modern and relevant way."

Pizza Hut's $10 Tastemaker will feature an exclusive box that allows players to enjoy the AR game on their phone. The promotion will run for a limited time.

In addition, players can submit their scores online for a chance to win an exclusive “Pac-Man” cabinet from Arcade1up. Exclusive Pizza Hut-inspired graphics, including the classic logo, chandeliers and pizza slices in “Pac-Man” style will be featured on the exterior. The promotion will be available through March 26.

"Pac-Man's design and creation was inspired by the shape of a pizza with a slice taken out of it, making this partnership so appropriate for the Pac-Man brand,” says Yutaka Fuse, licensing and branding head, Namco Entertainment. "Pac-Man games and Pizza Hut pizzas occupy a special place in many people's memories; we're excited to have the opportunity to create fun memories for a new generation of Pac-Man and Pizza Hut fans through this collaboration."

A campaign starring Craig Robinson (“The Office,” “The Masked Dancer”) will promote the collaboration.

"Everyone has their own special Pizza Hut memory – from being a BOOK IT! kid or grabbing post-game pizza with your little league buddies," says Robinson. "Growing up in the ‘80s, mine was going into Pizza Hut and devouring those little ‘Pac-Man’ dots just like I did my pizza. Those arcade games in the restaurant – there was nothing better as a kid."

Official rules for the giveaway promotion can be found here.

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