MoonPie Heads to the Liquor Aisle

Chattanooga Bakery, makers of snack food MoonPie, has paired with the Beam family whiskey producers to create MoonPie MoonShine, in a deal brokered by Lisa Marks Associates, MoonPie’s licensing agency.

MoonPie MoonShine will be produced by Limestone Branch Distillery and is set to launch this month in three of MoonPie’s signature flavors–chocolate, vanilla and banana.

A second MoonShine range will release this summer and will include strawberry, orange and lemon flavors.

“The time was ripe for a MoonPie MoonShine, and this is an unusually close alignment that creates a long-term brand extension,” says Lisa Marks, president, LMA. “The best of both worlds have been combined into a whole new delicious result. MoonPie MoonShine is a key addition to the MoonPie licensing program and is something that we expect will be enjoyed by many generations to come.”

Initial retail markets will include Kentucky, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee and southern Indiana, with expanded distribution planned for a later date.

Limestone Branch will also open a MoonPie Depot gift shop this spring at its distillery, which is located on the famed Kentucky Bourbon Trail craft tour, featuring MoonPie Moonshine alongside a MoonPie licensed products.

“Moonshine is a strong segment right now, doing lots of cool new flavors,” said Tory Johnston, vice president, marketing and new business development, Chattanooga Bakery. “We thought, what a great way to celebrate our roots and create a real working man’s reward.”