LMA Extends Warheads

Ghost and The ICEE Company are on board to develop new products featuring the candy brand’s popular sour flavors.

NORTH AMERICA–Lisa Marks Associates has tapped two licensing partners–Ghost and The ICEE Company–to further extend the Warheads candy brand.

First, Ghost has signed on to expand its current lineup of Warheads-flavored pre-workout supplements with a new flavor, black cheery. Additional flavors and other hydration products are set to launch later this year. The current Warheads pre-workout supplements are now available in the U.S. and Canada.

Meanwhile, The ICEE Company is developing a range of Warheads-flavored frozen beverages, which are slated to launch this fall. The beverages will initially launch with the sour watermelon flavor and will be available at SuperAmerica Convenience stores before expanding to other locations.

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