Grateful Dead Inspires Coffee


Chez Ray Sewell, long-time touring chef for the Grateful Dead, has created a line of coffee inspired by the band in partnership with Grateful Dead Productions.

The Grateful Dead Coffee range features four roasts–Morning Brew, Turn On Your Love Lite, Load-Out and Drop Dead–created in collaboration with Paul Thornton, the master roaster of Coffee Bean International.

Each bag also features Grateful Dead inspired artwork.

Grateful Dead Coffee is now available at and will roll out at food retailers later this spring.

“Creating this coffee has been a way to pay tribute to my years with the Grateful Dead,” says Chez Ray. “Each roast is unique in a way that reflects the music and the history. Load-Out roast, for example, was designed for the worker bees, the roadies, who sometimes have to work all day or all night. Each roast is carefully crafted so that you can taste the journey and experience the history.”