Cheetos, Bad Bunny Team for adidas Collection

Fans need “Cheetle” on their fingers to snag early access.

Bad Bunny’s signature style is being combined with Chester Cheeto’s orange-themed "Cheetos Look" in an extremely limited adidas leisurewear collection.

Cheeto’s biggest fans have the chance to get early access to the exclusive items before they're officially available for purchase on Aug. 6. Fans need one thing for the opportunity to cop the drop before anyone else: fingertips covered in Cheetos orange-dust, also known as Cheetle, which all true Cheetos fans now don as a badge of honor.

To unlock early access to the exclusive collection, fans in the U.S. and Puerto Rico can head to to use Cheetle iD, a first-of-its-kind Cheetos x adidas e-commerce experience designed to get merch into the hands of Cheetos’ biggest fans first. There, Chester will use Cheetle iD technology to detect whether fans have Cheetle on their fingertips. The first 100 people who pass the Cheetle iD detector will have direct access to purchase items from the collection before the rest of the public.

Fans who didn't get early access can sign up at to enter for a chance to purchase the merch on Aug. 6 via the NTWRK app.

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