CBS Brews Star Trek Beer

Indiana-based Tin Man Brewing Company and the Federation of Beer are working together to launch the Star Trek-inspired Klingon Warnog Ale in the U.S.

Developed under license by CBS Consumer Products, Klingon Warnog Ale is a high-quality Roggen Dunkelweiss (Danish Rye Beer).

Klingon Warnog Ale will be available at select liquor stores and bars in Indiana and Washington starting July 28, the first in a series of Star Trek-themed alcoholic beverages.

To celebrate the release of the Klingon Warnog, the Federation of Beer will host  launch parties throughout the year called First Contact: Klingon Warnog, kicking off in Evansville and Indianapolis, Ind., July 26. More U.S. First Contact parties will be announced in August.