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Baskin-Robbins Catches Pokémon Collab in Japan

The “Sweet New Year” collaboration is running exclusively in Japan and features special Pokémon products.

Baskin-Robbins in Japan has launched an exclusive collaboration with Pokémon.

The collaboration, called “The Variety Pack,” features a Pokémon-themed box with an exclusive made-in-Japan Pokémon dish inside. There are four dishes to choose from, each emblazoned with a different combination of Pocket Monsters.

A small pack with six scoops of ice cream gets you one dish, a regular-sized pack of six gets you two dishes, a small sized pack of 12 gets you three dishes, and a regular-sized pack of 12 gets you all four.

This Japanese collaboration comes following the announcement that Cosmos Initia, a member of the Daiwa House Group, in prtnership with The Pokémon Company had opened reservations for Pokémon Rooms at Apartment Hotel Mimaru locations in Tokyo and Kyoto.

The five Mimaru locations will feature Pokémon Rooms with Pokémon-themed décor such as a giant sleeping Snorlax and dishes with Poké Ball patterns. All guests will also receive complimentary Pokémon merchandise exclusive to the hotel. 

In addition to the new Pokémon collab, Baskin-Robbins announced a collaboration with “Stranger Things” in July of last year, celebrating its third season and the fictional ice cream shop featured in the show, Chips Ahoy.

The Baskin Robbins x Pokémon dishes will be available across Japan until Jan. 13 or until stock runs out.

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