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Having Trouble with Royalty Rates? Flowhaven Can Help

With millions of dollars in royalty revenue lost each year, the licensing industry is in need of a new set of comprehensive tools. Flowhaven’s Royalty Rate Toolbox offers licensing professionals the chance to learn about each royalty rate type, calculate their rates effectively and get primed for success.

In Flowhaven’s Royalty Rate Toolbox, you will learn the ins-and-outs of royalty rates. From its standard definition to its importance in licensing, royalties can make or break a good licensing program.

They ensure that owners receive proper compensation for use of their assets and are protected against copyright infringements and improper use. For licensees, it offers proof that they’re products are performing well and that they are reporting accurately.

Because royalties rely heavily on data analysis and market trends, they also reflect the quality and efficacy of your product (and its related marketing efforts) in the marketplace. So, mastering the concept will help you increase your bottom line and access the strengths and weaknesses of your program.

Flowhaven is helping licensing professionals everywhere solve their operational problems. From royalty validation to design approvals, the Salesforce-backed software streamlines workflows and helps you grow. This globally-minded company was organized around the idea that the licensing community deserves easy-to-use, intuitive, data-first software to perform at its best.

Flowhaven is headquartered in Espoo, Finland with offices in Santa Monica, Calif. and a satellite in New York. Now in its third year of operation, the company is looking to expand its customer base which currently includes such companies Bonnier, Angry Birds, Rebel Girls and Brandalised.

“Signing U.S. customers is a significant win for us. The U.S. is by far the biggest market in the industry,” Says KalleTörmä, founder and CEO, Flowhaven. “In the licensing industry, which is based on personal relationships, references are everything and now we have excellent tools to increase our growth on the other side of the pond.”

To learn more about Flowhaven and download the full Royalty Rate Toolbox here