Naomi Osaka, ADEAM Score Fashion Collab

Tennis star and activist, Naomi Osaka, has released a fashion collection with ADEAM.

Tennis player and activist Naomi Osaka has officially teamed with ADEAM on a fashion collection.

Osaka reports that the collection is inspired by her love of fashion which she developed at an early age.

"I have always loved fashion, even when I was younger, and my sister Mari and I would look through fashion magazines on the way to tennis tournaments," Osaka told InStyle. "I think fashion is a great way to reflect your mood and to also be playful and take chances. On and off the court, I like what I wear to reflect how I am feeling at that moment."

Her ADEAM collaboration hit the runway earlier this year, but the collection is finally available for fans to shop. The collection is available now at ADEAM's website.

"When I first heard that Naomi is a fan of ADEAM, I was so thrilled and honored," Hanako Maeda, chief executive officer and creative director, ADEAM, told InStyle. "I've been a huge fan of Naomi — she is such a powerful female role model, both on and off court. Once we met in person, we immediately clicked, and the creative process came naturally. We shared similar reference points — our love for Japanese fashion and a strong feminine aesthetic. It's been such a dream to work with Naomi, and I hope that we can collaborate again in the future on something fun!"

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