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Face Masks: 2020’s Hottest Accessory

As many states across the U.S. begin to prepare for a post-pandemic world, cloth face masks have become a vital accessory for consumers everywhere.

Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention launched guidelines asking all citizens to wear face masks while out in public, many brands have begun launching their own masks in retail.  

Big-name players such as Disney and Bravado have announced a slate of masks inspired by their most popular brands. Trevco has joined the market as well with MaskClub, a unique subscription-based model that sends customers new masks every month.

Many of the companies in the sector are also partnering with nonprofit groups to ensure medical professionals are provided vital protective gear needed in hospitals and local communities get the support they need during this uncertain time.

Helping Out Communities in Need

MaskClub will donate a medical-grade mask to the First Responders Children’s Foundation for every purchase. Disney is launching a similar program with its partner MedShare. The House of Mouse announced that 100 percent of proceeds from its face mask sales would go to the nonprofit that helps distribute medical supplies to hospitals in need. Bravado, meanwhile, is providing 100 percent of proceeds to help musicians in the U.S. and U.K.

Retailers Newest Accessory

While many brands are launching face masks to the general public, fast fashion companies are also getting into the field as well. Retailers such as Old Navy, Banana Republic and Anthropologie have all announced cloth face mask lines which are available online. The masks at Old Navy and Banana Republic have even already sold out with items on back order until early June. For many of the fashion retailers, the quick sale of masks is proving valuable as stores across the country where asked to shut down to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Licensing at Work

If early market signs are any indication, it also looks like face masks will have a role to play in the licensing space as well. Trevco’s MaskClub has already announced a slate of licensing deals for masks with brands such as Emoji and Loteria. Actress and model Olivia Culpo also recently partnered with Reunited Clothing to launch a collection of nonmedical fashion masks under the “More Than a Mask” moniker. 

Adding Fashion to the Uncertain

As licensing and fashion get in the face mask vertical, more options and styling preferences have created a new market that gives consumers stylish alternatives to a safety item. While 2020 has proven to be a year unlike any other, the novel thinking from individuals and companies has at least turned the new reality of face masks into something a little more tolerable.

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