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Dr. Squatch and ‘Halo’ Partner on New Spartan Scrub Soap

Launch of men’s soap celebrates popular video game franchise.

Dr. Squatch, a men's natural soap and personal care company, has announced the launch of Spartan Scrub, a limited-edition soap made in collaboration with 343 Industries. The partnership celebrates the 20th anniversary of the “Halo” franchise. 

Spartan Scrub features ingredients rooted in Halo lore, like Little John and Bishops Wort and Sevenbark Root. The scent was formulated with aromas of silver sage, yuzu and cedarwood. Its color inspiration is an ode to the Master Chief's green armor and orange visor of his helmet.  

"We're very proud to partner with an iconic game franchise like Halo," says Josh Friedman, chief marketing officer, Dr. Squatch. "Our customers are big fans of the Halo brand, as is our team at Dr. Squatch, so we knew there was an opportunity to create something unique. Together we've created the ultimate armor for customers: a natural soap made with the best natural ingredients that truly makes you feel heroic." 

“Wearing armor all day and saving the universe can be hard work and sometimes leaves you dirty," says John Friend, head of consumer products, Halo and Xbox. "When we realized we had the chance to bring Spartan Scrub to Earth with Dr. Squatch, it was an easy decision. Hopefully we can all be clean heroes!” 

Spartan Scrub is available to purchase exclusively on Dr. Squatch's website at  








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