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ADK Emotions NY Welcomes New President and CEO

adkemotions (1).png
Shunichi Ogawa will take the reins at the New York-based company.

ADK Emotions NY, a subsidiary of ADK Emotions and licensors of the global franchise "Beyblade Burst," has named Shunichi Ogawa as its new president and chief executive officer.

Ogawa is a seasoned executive who first joined ADK in 2005, managing marketing and advertising strategies for various global brands. He previously served on the ADK Emotions NY's board of directors and now heads the overseas business division as chief executive officer, covering the key markets of North America, China and Asia.

Ogawa joins ADK Emotions NY chief operating officer Daichi 'David' Wakabayashi, leading a team that will continue to shepherd the global expansion of the "Beyblade Burst" brand and other anime IPs in the company's stable.

Former president Shuji' Shawn' Wada will continue to spearhead ADK Emotions and remain on the board of directors at both the Tokyo and New York offices. 

During his tenure as president, Wada helped make "Beyblade Burst" into a multi-platform, international success — spawning animated content on major broadcasters worldwide, robust consumer products and licensing program and live events attracting thousands of followers to tournaments around the globe and online. 

"There has never been a more exciting time for 'Beyblade' and Anime-based brands globally," says Ogawa. "We believe that there is so much more potential to engage with our fervent fanbase and lots of untapped opportunities within our portfolio. 

We move forward and look to the future as a team with optimism and enthusiasm."

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