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ESPN Teams Up for Wii U Game

ESPN has partnered with Ubisoft to create “ESPN Sports Connection,” a collection of multi-sports games, exclusively for the new Nintendo Wii U console.

“ESPN Sports Connection” will be ESPN’s first console game that targets the casual games category, and is set to hit shelves for the holiday season after the Wii U is released Nov. 18.

Developed by Ubisoft Barcelona, the game will feature single-player challenges, multi-player modes and mini-games in soccer, football, baseball, tennis, golf and go-karting, utilizing the unique control options of the Wii U GamePad touch-screen controller.

Players will also be able to customize their avatars with ESPN-branded gear and unlock original designs to create their own unique ESPN-branded accessories. ESPN background banners and music will also be included in the in-game offerings featuring the ESPN, ESPNU, ESPN Classic, SportsCenter, SportsNation and ESPNFC brands.

The Wii U is the first console to be sold by a major gaming industry company in more than six years. In addition to exclusive games like “ESPN Sports Connection” the console also includes TV and video features that Nintendo is hoping will help its console catch up to the capabilities of Xbox and Playstation. The new TVii feature will allow users to stream video from Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and Hulu, and the GamePad touch-screen controller can function as a remote control and be used to create personalized program lists.

The Wii U will go on sale in North America Nov. 18 for $299.