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Zodiak Forms Chinese Content Partnership

Zodiak has granted the Ciwen Media Group exclusive distribution rights to more than 390 episodes of its animated programming that Ciwen will now work to sell to free TV, cable and satellite broadcasters throughout China and Macau.

The deal includes  programming from Zodiak Media’s French studios Marathon Media (“Totally Spies,” “The Amazing Spiez,” “Rekkit Rabbit”) and Tele Images (“Extreme Football,” “The Ranch,” “The Basketeers”) as well as “Little Princess” from the Illuminated Film Company. The series will be dubbed into Mandarin or other regional languages.

Ciwen will also act as agent on behalf of Zodiak Kids for home entertainment and VOD platforms throughout China, Macau and Hong Kong.

“We are extremely excited to be partnering with Ciwen Media Group, which is recognized as one of China’s leading distributors and a pioneer in introducing top animation properties to the Chinese market,” says Karen Vermeulen, senior vice president, global sales and coproduction, Zodiak Kids. “This is a tremendous opportunity for us to be strategic about how we introduce Zodiak Kids content to China and gain a deeper understanding of how to distribute content across multiple platforms in this unique marketplace.”