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Viacom Expands U.K. Guppies Program


U.K. terrestrial broadcaster Channel 5 has announced plans to air Viacom International Media Networks’ preschool series, “Bubble Guppies.”

The animated series currently airs on Nick Jr in the U.K. and Ireland, and will begin broadcasting on Channel 5’s programming block Milkshake! this spring.

Nickelodeon plans to roll out a multi-category Bubble Guppies consumer product range in the U.K. this fall/winter across publishing, toys and, software and home entertainment to complement the series’ expansion in the region.

“As an integral part of our ever-expanding animation offering which continues to be at the forefront of our client’s wish lists, ‘Bubble Guppies’ has delighted audiences with its humor, music, strong storylines and animation and we are confident that the show will work swimmingly well as part of the Milkshake! schedule,” says Caroline Beaton, senior vice president international program sales, VIMN. “As the perfect addition to their existing preschool lineup, we’re in no doubt that Channel 5 will be a great home for our loveable Guppies in the U.K.”