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Topps MLB Cards Go NFT

The non-fungible token card collection is based on Topps Inception Baseball series.

Topps has launched the 2021 Topps MLB Inception non-fungible token (NFT) collection, a new baseball card-inspired release in conjunction with Major League Baseball and MLB Players. on, an Avalanche powered blockchain platform.  

Based on the Topps Inception Baseball physical product, the new NFT digital collectibles set features Topps card designs, motion animations, facsimile signatures and digital relic content that showcases MLB rookies, emerging stars, veteran mainstays and more in bold, artistic styles. 

Standard and premium packs of the 2021 Topps MLB Inception NFT Collection are available now for purchase on, with NFT digital collectible rarities ranging from Common to Legendary. Each pack type will be available for purchase via credit card until sold out.  


Additional details on pack quantities, contents and rarities are as follows: 

Standard Pack: $15 

  • 5 Cards per pack 

  • 10,000 packs available 

  • 1 Rare+ Guaranteed 

  • Rarity odds: 

  • Common (54.60%) 

  • Uncommon (21.00%) 

  • Rare (20.00%) 

  • Super Rare (3.75%) 

  • Epic (0.65%) 

  • Legendary (0.00%) 


Premium Pack: $100 

  • 25 Cards per pack 

  • 6,000 packs available 

  • 1 Super Rare+ Guaranteed 

  • Legendary collectibles exclusive to Premium Packs 

  • Rarity odds: 

  • Common (42.74%) 

  • Uncommon (26.00%) 

  • Rare (23.67%) 

  • Super Rare (5.00%) 

  • Epic (1.87%)  

  • Legendary (0.72%) 


The 2021 Topps MLB Inception NFT Collection is the latest NFT release in the Topps NFT portfolio. It is the second Topps MLB NFT product to hit the market this year and the first on A unique offering in the collection is a set called New Beginnings which celebrates players who have changed teams with an animated transformation of that player from one uniform to another. 

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