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‘Terrahawks’ Relaunches with Merch

The product line is inspired by ‘Terrahawks’ characters.

Anderson Entertainment has announced that “Terrahawks,” the 1983 series about a task force protecting the Earth from extraterrestrial androids and aliens, is now inspiring major broadcast and retail activity in 2021. This includes the arrival of the original show on one of the U.K.’s streaming services, new audio episodes and a 21st century reboot, a brand-new t-shirt and a Halloween mask.  

“Terrahawks” is now on the BritBox streaming service, where it can be accessed as part of both the BritBox Old School Classics collection of classic kids TV and within the BritBox Out Of This World collection of fantasy, adventure and sci-fi. 

“‘Terrahawks’ is one of my favorite Gerry Anderson series, and it looks like I’m not alone,” says Jamie Anderson, writer, producer, director, music director, Anderson Entertainment. “It has a strong and dedicated cult following, with Zelda being one of the most regularly mentioned ’80s kids’ TV characters online. Fans of all ages will be thrilled – but not surprised – that the popularity of this classic Gerry Anderson show has now inspired new products, new streamed content and an all-new show!” 

New “Terrahawks” products are now available in the apparel and dress-up categories. A “Terrahawks” T-shirt is now available exclusively at Showing the Terrahawks craft, it’s a unisex lightweight tee featuring a lightly distressed print. 

 “Ten-Ten” – the Terrahawks code for “Affirmative” – has inspired a celebration of all things Terrahawks on the tenth of October. More products will be announced around that date. 

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