'Shaun the Sheep' Enters VR

Aardman has released the first “Shaun the Sheep” VR experience, titled “Shaun the Sheep Movie Barn VR.”

“Shaun the Sheep Movie Barn VR” is a 360-degree movie theater environment that allows users to view their favorite “Shaun the Sheep” adventures in a fun and interactive space. Consumers will also be able to interact with Shaun, Shirley and Timmy, with future updates planned over the coming months that will include other characters from Mossy Bottom.

The “Movie Barn” will also showcase exclusive content from the studio, such as film trailers and animated shorts, which will air ahead of the classic episodes.

“Shaun the Sheep Movie Barn BR” will be available via Google Play and the Apple App Store. The application will be viewable through light mobile headsets, such as Google Cardboard.