Saban’s Julius Jr. Gets Inventive

Saban Brands has partnered with San Francisco’s Center for Childhood Creativity to develop a series of “Inventing Time” activities for kids inspired by the preschool series “Julius Jr.”

The partners have created a series of activities designed for parents and caregivers to use at home or for teachers to use in a preschool setting that draw on the show’s core themes of creativity and teamwork.

As in the TV show, kids are encouraged to take everyday objects they find around the house and turn them into extraordinary things such as bridges, musical instruments and shadow puppets.

“Working with the experts at the Center for Childhood Creativity to create materials for parents, educators and kids has been a special privilege,” says Elie Dekel, president, Saban Brands. “It was clear from the beginning that their team understood perfectly how to translate the inventive spirit of ‘Julius Jr.’ to the hands and minds of children, by encouraging creative expression through play, storytelling, music and simply using one’s imagination.”

The activities are available on the Center for Childhood Creativity’s website at San Francisco's Bay Area Discovery Museum.