Rocket Expands Mrs. Brown’s Boys


Rocket is continuing to expand the licensing program for the hit BBC1 comedy “Mrs. Brown’s Boys.

With Christmas specials, DVD releases and a feature film all planned for the next two years, the licensing program for the series is picking up speed.

Now Rocket has added a range of new brand partners including Cooneen & Misirli for nightwear and underwear, Trademark for t-shirts and sweatshirts, Lowes for socks, hats, gloves and scarves, Brand International Group for slippers and Star Cutouts for cardboard cutouts and facemasks.

“Who would have thought that millions of BBC1 viewers would have taken a foul-mouthed, interfering Dublin matriarch to their hearts and kept her there?” says Conor Gibney, head of new media and merchandise, BocPix Limited, the series’ production company. “On TV, DVD, live and at retail the fans just can’t get enough of Agnes Brown and her family, and thanks to the enthusiastic response of our valued licensing partners the success story is now continuing at retail.”

Existing partners for the brand include Rock Off (mugs, keychains and magnets), Danilo (sound cards and print cards), GB Eye (posters badges and magnets) and Universal (home entertainment). Last year’s partnership with Voice Express for ringtones was also a hit in digital markets, leading to a chart-topping iPhone app.

“We knew from the start that Mrs. Brown’s Boys was a clever, original and very funny property that would catch the imagination of many people. However, even we have been taken by surprise by the amazing viewing figures and the phenomenal strength of Mrs. Brown as a brand,” says Charlie Donaldson, joint managing director, Rocket Licensing. “This is a show and a licensing campaign that has achieved a lot and will achieve even more.”