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Rainbow to Unveil ‘Royal Academy’


Rainbow will debut its new kids’ series, “Royal Academy,” this weekend at MIPJunior in Cannes, France.

“Royal Academy” is a new take on some of the best-loved fairy tales. The series focuses on Rose Cinderella, the newest student at Royal Academy, who is the granddaughter of one of the school’s founding families. Here classmates include Hawk Snowwhite, Travis Beast, Pearl Rapunzel and Violet LeFrog, all from famous fairy tale families that not only run the school but also the lives of their grandchildren.

The new animated comedy series, aimed at kids ages 5 to 10, features 26 half-hour episodes.

“To say we are excited about ‘Royal Academy’ is an understatement, as this new series is going to be phenomenal,” says Iginio Straffi, chairman and chief executive officer, Rainbow Group. “This is the product of many years work by the Rainbow team and everything about it–animation, script, voice acting and music–is absolutely top notch, so everybody is going to be blown away when they see it.”