Planeta Junior Adds ‘Miraculous’ Licensees

Animated TV series expands globally with a raft of new partners in Spain, Italy, Greece and other territories.

ZAG has partnered with a host of new licensees across multiple territories to create new merchandise inspired by the animated series “Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.”

Planeta Junior, the brand’s licensing agent in Iberia, CEE, Greece and Turkey, brokered the deals.

New partners for the series include:


  • Bandai as the worldwide master toy license;
  • Panini for stickers, sticker albums and an official magazine;
  • Air-Val for a perfume line;
  • Planeta for books;
  • Educa Borrás for board games;
  • Safta for back-to-school products;
  • Cife for arts and crafts;
  • Viving Costumes for costumes;
  • Flexmetal for balloons;
  • Toim for bikes and helmets;
  • United Label Iberica for gifts;
  • CYP Brands for gifts;
  • Hot Shots for food;
  • Dekora for food;
  • Karactermania for backpacks and bags;
  • Store for household goods;
  • Nice Group for toy cosmetics;
  • Artesanía Cerdá for textiles and hair accessories;
  • Ditexmex for clothing;
  • Madness for pajamas; and
  • Estamparia Adalberto for household textiles.


  • K-Stationery for back-to-school; and
  • 2020 Editora for books.


  • Clementoni for puzzles;
  • Gabbiano for accessories;
  • Walcor for chocolate Easter Eggs;
  • Nice for make-up toys; and
  • Franco Cosimo Panini for back-to-school.


  • Diakakis for gifts, accessories and secondary toys;
  • Chocotime for chocolate and confectionery products;
  • Gim – Giovas for back-to-school and gifts;
  • Malta and the Balkans for apparel and accessories; and
  • Stamatis Ionnidis for apparel and accessories.

Central and Eastern Europe

  • Trefl for puzzles;
  • Stamatis for apparel;
  • Setino for apparel;
  • Halantex for home textiles;
  • Beniamin for back-to-school;
  • Edipresse for books;
  • Albatros for books; and
  • Total Office for back-to-school and stationery.


  • Umit Canta for bags;
  • Keskin Color for notebooks;
  • Posta for newspaper promos;
  • Zorlu for home textiles;
  • Gizzy Group for puzzles; and
  • Biber Organizasyon for mall events during the school holidays.

A selection of the “Miraculous” products are now available with additional products launching this year.