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PewDiePie Ranks as YouTube’s Top Earner of Branded Merchandise Sales

PewDiePie Ranks as YouTube’s Top Earner of Branded Merchandise Sales

New study reveals which YouTubers earn the most from sales of branded merchandise. has released its ranking of the Top 20 YouTubers who earn the most from branded merchandise.

The data was gathered using a tool created by Sellfy, which calculated the minimum and maximum monthly revenue each influencer can make from selling their merchandise. PewDiePie, Dude Perfect, VanossGaming, DanTDM and JuegaGerman ranked among the very top of the list, which encompasses any merchandise branded by the online influencers.

The full top 20 list includes:

  1. PewDiePie–$6,834,645;
  2. Dude Perfect–$2,957,950;
  3. VanossGaming–$2,281,315;
  4. DanTDM–$2,207,725;
  5. JuegaGerman–$1,956,575;
  6. Markiplier–$1,783,195;
  7. Collins Key–$1,780,780;
  8. Atta Halilintar–$1,426,575;
  9. Jacksepticeye–$1,414,150;
  10. Smosh–$1,371,605;
  11. elrubiusOMG­–$1,343,090;
  12. Jake Paul–$1,291,810;
  13. Logan Paul Vlogs–$847,295;
  14. JennaMarbles–$565,460;
  15. MrBeast–$504,210;
  16. PTXofficial–$322,105;
  17. KSI–$305,975;
  18. Ninja–$266,900;
  19. Nigahiga–$246,940 and
  20. Shane–$203,178.5.

Each of this year’s Top 3 earners run gaming YouTube channels. Their success speaks to the growing video game verticals in licensing. Industry celebrities such as “Ninja” have growing success by licensing their image for products that range from toys to headbands.

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