Om Nom Swings onto TV

ZeptoLab UK and CITV are bringing a series of animated short films based on the game app “Cut the Rope” to TV in the U.K.

The “Om Nom Stories” series follows the adventures of Om Nom, the star of the game, in his insatiable quest for candy.

The one- to two-minute animated adventures have already had more than 100 million views on YouTube and are now airing on CITV, as well as Gulli in France, Clan in Spain and Kaiser in Germany.

“The excitement and humor of the ‘Cut the Rope’ game transfers perfectly to these animated shorts, which further underline the multimedia appeal of Om Nom,” says Trudi Hayward, senior vice president and head of global merchandising, ITV Studios Global Entertainment, which represents the brand for licensing. “With a strong and growing presence on TV, the web, and at digital and physical retail, Cut the Rope is truly a brand for today.”