Nick Jr. Debuts ‘Jurassic Bark’ in U.K.

Nick Jr. U.K. and Ireland drew on a ’90s classic, Jurassic Park, to announce a new programming block on its preschool channel that will feature new episodes of "PAW Patrol" and "Dinosaur Train" every weekday.

The promotion, called Jurassic Bark!, features characters from the two preschool shows alongside the classic theme and iconic moments from the film.

"We're passionate about producing innovative content in-house and our creative team has revived a classic to create a concept which fuses two very different shows together," says Alison Bakunowich, vice president, creative, marketing and communications, Nickelodeon U.K. and Ireland. "We know that our preschool audience aren't and shouldn't be familiar with the film, but parents watch the channel as well and our playful nod to Jurassic Park was created with them in mind."

Check out the promotion below: