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New 'Sonic Boom' Episodes Race into EMEA

K2, Spacetoon and France Gulli will begin airing the animated series in their respective markets later this year.

EUROPE–SEGA has teamed up with a number of European networks to begin airing the second season of its animated series “Sonic Boom” this year.

K2 in Italy has signed on to launch the program on Sept. 11, while Spacetoon will begin airing the second season in the MENA region this October. France Gulli will also premiere the show in December.

The second season of “Sonic Boom” will continue to follow Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks as they take on bizarre cases of mistaken identity, androids from an outlandish land, real live urban legends, a haunted lair, familiar faces and epic conflicts with new goes.

The first season of “Sonic Boom” is now available worldwide (excluding the U.S.) on Netflix.

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