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New Neopets Plush Collection is Coming Home for the Holidays

The collection features Neopets and their pets.

For the past 22 years, the Neopets brand has found itself in the homes of nostalgic PC gamers and in the minds of impassioned members of the Neopian community. Neopets, JumpStart Games and Carlin West Agency have announced a new collection of the Neopets collectible plush for fans to enjoy. 

This first wave features a line of Neopets and their pets (known as petpets) in fan-favorite colorways. 

“It’s been over a decade since fans could collect Neopets plush, and we’re so excited to announce the release of this long-awaited collection,” says Stephanie Lord, brand manager, Neopets. “It really has been a pleasure for the team to create a high-quality product that speaks to the fans who love the brand.” 

This collection offers many firsts in the world of Neopets plush, with the following products highlighting the new plush available, with more to come: 

  • Faerie Draik Plush 8” (First Draik in plush, and in Faerie Paint Brush) 
  • Royal Meepit Plush 4” Key Clip (First Meepit in Royal Paint Brush) 
  • Island Kadoatie Plush 4” Key Clip (First Kadoatie in Island Paint Brush) 
  • Plushie Snowbunny Plush 4” Key Clip (First Snowbunny in Plushie Paint Brush) 
  • Rainbow Slorg Plush 4” Key Clip (First Slorg in Rainbow Paint Brush) 

“Like many companies in the toy industry, the Neopets brand encountered a number of hurdles with supply chain issues before we could say that Neopets plush would be available for the holiday season,” says Carlin West, founder and chief executive officer, Carlin West Agency. “We’re so happy we could overcome these challenges and make this announcement happen for not only the brand, but the fans who have stood by it for all these years!” 

Each plush is embroidered with three stars, inspired by the stars on the Neopets brand logo. In addition, each plush will have a special collectible code, which can be entered on to receive exclusive item(s) in the online world of Neopia! 

Pre-sales of the new plush collection began Nov. 23 in limited quantities on

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