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New Comic Sets the Stage for Marvel Show

New Comic Sets the Stage for Marvel Show
Marvel and Feld Entertainment have unveiled a prequel comic book to set the stage for the upcoming "Marvel Universe Live!" arena show.

The story of good and evil that will play out on the “Marvel Universe Live!” stage later this year will begin before audiences even arrive, with the launch of a new prequel comic from Marvel and Feld Entertainment, the organizer of the upcoming arena show.

The “Marvel Universe Live!” spectacular will center on the source of ultimate power–the Cosmic Cube–which has been shattered into pieces by Thor in order to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Of course, Thor’s villainous brother Loki has other plans.

The new prequel comic gives audiences a look into how Thor gained possession of the Cube and reveals a new item in the Marvel Universe that will play a key role in the live show–the Lectro Link.

A new addition to Marvel lore, the Lectro Link is a wearable tech invention that provides a remote power source for the Iron Man suit. 

The free prequel comic book is available for a limited time to fans who pre-order tickets for “Marvel Universe Live!.” At the same time, fans can also pre-order a collectible version of the Lecro Link, which will also be available for sale at the show.

“We are excited that even before the live arena action begins, we introduce fans to a piece of all-new Marvel lore–the Lectro Link,” says Juliette Feld, executive vice president, Feld Entertainment and producer, “Marvel Universe Live!.” “We teamed with Marvel to tell an action-packed story in ‘Marvel Universe Live!,’ and this exclusive prequel comic book gives fans an inside look at the fantastic adventure they’ll experience at our show. It explains the origins of the Lectro Link and sets the stage for the unprecedented spectacular.”

The first-ever live Marvel tour will make its 85-city debut in July in Tampa, Fla., followed by the world premiere in New York City on Aug. 13. Tickets are on sale now. For more details on the Marvel live show, click here.

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