Nelvana Plans New Car Series


Nelvana Enterprises, Dentsu Entertainment USA and Fuel Entertainment have teamed up to create an animated TV series based on the Chub City toy brand.

The series will follow the adventures of a team of teenagers who drive customized cars at Chub City battle rallies. Rally sites pop up spontaneously in different parts of the world, with teams arriving by train, ship, truck and helicopter in container units called Convos that become the building blocks for these instant cities.

The brand has already been featured in a toy line at Walmart and Carrefour as well at Burger King and Taco Bell kids’ meal promotions. The partners plan to support the show with a new range of consumer products, including a toy line.

"We believe Chub City has a unique blend of action adventure and comedy that will appeal universally to kids in the U.S. and abroad," says Colin Bohm, managing director, Nelvana Enterprises. "We're thrilled to be leveraging both the creative edge of Fuel, and the demonstrated success of the Dentsu global network of companies."